The cabinet board

Custom home cabinet structure of the development, has experienced about three periods. The first period, the cabinet with 16mm thick plate, the backplane is only 5mm; the second period, the cabinet with 16mm thick plate, backplane upgrade to 16mm; the third period, then all 18mm Thick sheet. Now slowly 22mm thick plate, of course, our service is that you want what we try to meet. Cabinet side and back plate, is an important force position, the thickness of the plate determines its firmness. The use of thick plates, metal fasteners also increase the size, such as the length of the screw, but also longer than the previous two generations of the structure used to greatly enhance the stability of the cabinet and the balance of stress, extended custom home life .
In the selection of cabinets to pay attention to the thickness of the plate, the quality of the cabinet, used to make the thickness of the cabinet plate is very important. Currently on the market with 16 mm, 18 mm and other thickness specifications of the plate, the thickness of different costs vary greatly, only one 18 mm thick than the 16 mm thick plate cost 7% higher .18 mm thick plate made of cabinet Life expectancy can be more than doubled to ensure that the door is not deformed, the maintenance of the table is not cracking. Look at the sample must be carefully understood the composition of the material status, be aware of.
Of course, the thickness is very important, the quality of the plate itself is equally important, 16 mm thick solid wood board than 18 mm thick particleboard to be more durable, and 15 mm thick bamboo plate durability and 18 millimeters thick comparable to real wood , So in the case of the same thickness, depends on the quality of the board, the better the quality of the board, the longer the life of the cabinet.