Pastoral Style Dressers Wood Veneer Design Staining Pink Colors Girls Interested in in Bedroom Online for Sale Custom Made in China

Pastoral Style Dressers Wood Veneer Design Staining Pink Colors Girls Interested in in Bedroom Online for Sale Custom Made in China

New Year opening season, is not that the lack of makeup on stage the most useful piece! In fact, a woman’s dressing table and wardrobe, always prone to beautiful tangle. Why not take advantage of the Happy New Year, the dresser to clean up, emptied of the lost, planning the stay, do buy plans.

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Model DS 03
Cabinet type Pastoral Style wood veneer dressers
Door panel 18 mm or 22 mm Pastoral Style pink wood veneer door panel
Cabinet box 16 mm chipboard or plywood boards with pink color painting finish .
Door model Pastoral style door panel model
Hardware BLUM / DTC / other other hardware brand
Countertop 20 mm white quartz stone countertop and backsplash .
dressers Accessories Aluminum clothes rail;

Pulling out inner drawer boxes ;

Aluminum pants rack;

Rattan basket;

LED induction light;

Multi-functional jewelry box;

Scalable dressing mirror ;

MOQ Customzied unit – 1 set
Package Flat package or Assembly package which depends on customer
Production time 30-35 days for normal order
Delivery port Shanghai Or Ningbo
Optional Items Which can be select from hardware accessories catalog .
Warranty period 10 years after installation without man-made damage .
Payment terms Small orders : 40% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .

Big orders :30% as deposit ,balances we accept T/T and L/C / OA payment .

After service All things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .
Main Market Oceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro

We offer whole house customized cabinet design which including kitchen cabinets , dressers , bathroom units , Linen , Storage units , Walk-in-robe , Wine racks ,TV units etc .


All dressers design and dimension base on your house actual measurement data .


All cabinets design ,style and material can be the same and match to whole house decoration style .


Everyone has their own different aesthetic vision, so dresser style as long as the personal favorite on the line, but also according to the overall style of the room to go with the choice of dresser style.

(1) fresh pastoral style

There is a feeling of return to nature, even more performance on this dresser. Ivory colors, slightly curved makeup feet, no one does not give a person new and unique beauty.

(2) American pastoral style

Natural wood, not over-publicity, and pay attention to the practicality of furniture, convey a simple, casual, organized and multi-functional design ideas, so that families become the release of stress and liberation of the Pure Land.

(3) elegant and elegant European pastoral style

Noble pure features, outlines the distant European-style culture, shiny and plain colors, showing luxury, to create high quality of life for your contribution.

(4) classic American classical style

The use of higher material, environmental health, non-stimulating taste, elegant design style, dark color-based, with a rich classical charm.

(5) elegant neoclassical style

The main color to dark, showing the magnificent artistic taste, slightly beautiful carved, just the right color, give you a different life to enjoy.

Details pictures.

With mirror .

Drawers pictures .

Handle pictures .

Maintenance skills.

(1) Normally to the bedside table regularly waxing, only the usual multi-maintenance ability often new.

(2) make tea in bedside tables, overnight will leave ugly pieces smear. At this moment, you can wash the tea stains on the table, wipe it with the foil paper in the cigarette box and scrub it with water.

(3) cups and other indirect places on the furniture paint, will leave a circle of hot marks. Ordinary simply kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or tea dipped in a damp cloth to wipe, or with iodine in the scalding on the quiet wipe or coated with a layer of Vaseline oil; Eliminate.

(4) White bedside cabinets at home is easy to dirty, with a rag does not easily wipe the dirty marks, try to squeeze the toothpaste on a clean rag, just quietly rub, stains on furniture will be removed. Do not force too much, do not hurt the paint.

(5) When the wood bedside cabinet cracks, you can cut the old newspaper, to participate in excessive alum, with water or rice soup to cook it into a paste and then use a knife to embed cracks and smooth, dry will be very strong, and then painted With the same color of paint, wood can be restored to its original appearance.

(6) If the furniture paint scratches, not touch the wood, you can use the same furniture with the same color crayons or paint on the furniture, apply the wound to cover the exposed background, and then use a light nail polish to wipe a thin layer.

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