Beautiful White Shaker European Style Two Pack Fitted Modular Design Custom Hinged Wardrobes

Beautiful White Shaker European Style Two Pack Fitted Modular Design Custom Hinged Wardrobes

Simple design, stylish white paint door, simple and full of personality, is the pursuit of fashion lifestyle taste of people should be made.

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  • White home design ,too beautiful !
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Model HW 09
Cabinet type White shaker style two pack custom made wardrobe closet and other bedroom cabinet
Door panel 18 mm or 22 mm shaker style design white stained lacquer paint door panel
Cabinet box 16 mm chipboard or plywood boards with white melamine finish .
Door model European classic shaker style door panel model
Hardware BLUM / DTC / other other hardware brand
Wardrobe Accessories Aluminum clothes rail;

Pulling out inner drawer boxes ;

Aluminum pants rack;

Rattan basket;

LED induction light;

Multi-functional jewelry box;

Scalable dressing mirror ;

Pls refer our wardrobe accessories catalog .

MOQ Customzied unit – 1 set
Package Flat package or Assembly package which depends on customer
Production time 30-35 days for normal order
Delivery port Shanghai Or Ningbo
Optional Items Which can be select from hardware accessories catalog .
Warranty period 10 years after installation without man-made damage .
Payment terms Small orders : 40% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .

Big orders :30% as deposit ,balances we accept T/T and L/C / OA payment .

After service All things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .
Main Market Oceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro

We offer whole house customized cabinet design which including kitchen cabinets , wardrobe , bathroom units , Linen , Storage units , Walk-in-robe , Wine racks ,TV units etc .


All bathroom design and dimension base on your house actual measurement data .


All wardrobe design ,style and material can be the same and match to whole house decoration style .

White home design ,too beautiful !

White will always give a pure, clean, generous feeling. At home, white is also a longing for pure space that many people can not erase in their heads. Many people like to choose white home at home, not only fashion more sense of aesthetic romance. From the color psychology point of view white, beige, the original white and other white series, gives the impression of pure and bright, relaxed. And white is a kind of magical color, make the space more spacious and bright.

There is no soft-hearted little partner for the white home, there is a small selection of white fashion home for everyone, come and enter this quiet and harmonious homeworld of the white dream background.

White home feeling white romantic space

White symbolizes pure, sacred. White home can create a romantic and pure atmosphere, represents the pure.

Happy longing for happiness.

Large white cabinet gives the impression that is also very good, a lot of people like this arrangement.

In the bedroom design, the use of white large area, but also can make the bedroom full of fresh, showing a simple, fresh and original beauty.

The whole room to white, gray-based colors, gray-colored curtains, lit monotonous room. The green landscape outside the window, so that the room full of vibrant feeling.

How to take good looks with white furniture?

White is a magical color that will make your room bright and spacious, while white furniture will make your home feel comfortable and relaxing. Some people think that the white furniture is easy to dirty, so white in the end how to look good and not easy to dirty it? For example, you can add cloth, add a distinctive color impact or add natural elements.

Elegant soft curtains and white furniture with a very artistic mood.

Put some green plants in the room, dotted white home, looks beautiful.

White walls and ceiling laid the basis of indoor color, light-colored wooden floor can ignore the color, the same choice of furniture to white-based, the entire home space appears elegant and bright. Soft decoration brings a little color embellishment, to avoid the single boring color space.

The layout of the space layout of the open-based, living room and dining together, white dinette and dining room with the entire space of integration, colored cushions and green plants on the table and the window to become a space color source.

Kitchen with black elements added color, black fridge and Nakajima table and white to form a neutral, more modern temperament.

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