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The cabinet board

Custom home cabinet structure of the development, has experienced about three periods. The first period, the cabinet with 16mm thick plate, the backplane is only 5mm; the second period, the cabinet with 16mm thick plate, backplane upgrade to 16mm; the third period, then all 18mm Thick sheet. Now slowly 22mm thick plate, of course, our service is that you want what we try to meet. Cabinet side and back plate, is an important force position, the thickness of the [...]

Cabinet story

CABINET INTRODUCTION The whole cabinet is a combination of kitchen cabinets composed of kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances and kitchen functional appliances. Compared with ordinary cabinets, the overall cabinet can be more personalized and the manufacturers can design different requirements according to different needs Complete sets of the whole kitchen cabinet products; in order to achieve overall coordination of the kitchen every operation of the program and create a good family atmosphere and a strong atmosphere of life.